The ladies and I stepped out on the town to attend a speckle of events going on in the city. Not only Sam, Liz's boyfriend, get in his first art show, but there was a lovely blogger gathering at Aventine in the Financial District. Thanks to Taylor, Alicia, Caitlin and Katie, I was introduced to bloggers I've never met (Lindsey & Margot) , saw great friends I haven't seen in ages (Laura, Katie & Natalie)  and reconnected with lovely faces (Gigi). Thanks so, so much to Michelle of Fvncy, for taking me to the event! You are a doll!

I wish you all could of seen the back of this dress. It was my favorite part about it, a true thrifted find. I got it for $4 or so, worn it backwards and died for the shoulder pads. I mean really, can we talk about current? You're also probably wondering about those dashing "Urkel meets Clark Kent" spectacles adorning my eyes. Well, as you all know, I'm going without makeup for a month. A blogger meetup was no exception. My compromise is wearing these awesome glasses so I don't feel completely bare. I'm actually falling in love with the "Urkel meets Clark Kent" look and plan on bringing this to NYFW. What do you guys think? Is it a YAY! or a NAY...

Afterward, Michelle and I dined at the classiest joint around town.. In n' Out! We grubbed hard considering we hadn't eaten all day and as you can see, it was delicious!

I. conquered. animal style.

Photos courtesy of Michelle of FVNCY