There is something so secretive about iPhone photos. It's like a hidden world that never really gets shown. I'd like to share with you my year through my iPhone- considering it will be at its' year mark since I've had it!

Prominent memories in 2010: Purchasing beautiful bouquets ● enjoying cups of soy hot chocolate ● the puppy dogs ● shooting with my brother ● dining with friends ● family time ● groping bloggers on my birthday ● partying hard after being freshly single ● eating a penis cookie (which, by the way, were amazing!) ● finding old treasures ● the fog that rolled in through the hills by my apartment ● hilarious car details ● scouring thrift shops with Lex ● Cheeseboard ● making all kinds of new food creations ● gregoire's mashed potato balls ● all the fun basketball games ● getting back into creating client lookbooks ● on a "I'm a bitch" hype ● swimming with a duck and saving its' life ● my brother getting me a macbook pro for my birthday ● late nights with candles alone in my thoughts ● guests ● skyping til the crack of dawn ● sorbet on my walks home ● going to NYFW and seeing beautiful people like Brad ● Discovering Brooklyn ● taking mini-vacations with Lex ● being in a magazine

2010 basically consisted of eating, drinking and loving. AWESOME.

If you guys do a new years post in photos, send the links! I'd love to see them!

Have a safe and happy New Year!! Ring in 2011!