It has been a stormy weekend but I couldn't help wearing this new sundress I got from the Goodwill. Oh yes, this lovely little number is from the Goodwill-a steal at $6.99.

I was freezing but we sacrifice to look good right? I'm sure you all have sundresses in your wardrobe that you aren't wearing. Wouldn't it be lovely to wear them again, layered amongst other fantastic pieces? Some awesome tips for you:

  • Most sundresses aren't layered so be sure to incorporate pieces like slips, thick tights (double-layered if you must), chunky boots and awesome outerwear. If I was home, I would of worn my fox fur to accompany the dress but my leather jacket had to do. (not shown)
  • For sundresses that are more starchy (not as flowy), pull on a chunky sweater so the bottom half of the dress becomes a skirt. Add a fantastic belt to pull it together and tights, of course
  • Use your sundress as a layering piece itself. Pull on a sheer dress over the sundress to add dimension to the sundress. Layer with chunky scarves and OTK boots for an edgier look


A few side notes for you all:

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