Oh, my new favorite find. This lovely crocheted duster was found during a mass sweep thrifting in San Diego. I am completely in love with this baby-a new love in my closet. It is the perfect length, perfect weight and the perfect shade- Dusty Beige. The price you must be wondering was a glorious two dollars and some chump change. Man, I must know how to find those deals. The polka-dot top was found also during my San Diego sweep for 99 cents. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 99 cents. Is there a prize for finding the cheapest finds? I think I've won that. I've been in this mood where I want to wear all kinds of long things, layered with other lengths; hence the short skirt. I'm not sure what it is but it's like a sexy demure look that I can't get enough of. Are you all wearing long pieces these days?

As you all know, I'm a huge fan of mixing the hell out of my closet. So, pulling all these random pieces out of my closet just worked for me. The best way to mix patterns, prints and textures is to find the common denominator. Mine was the light color (beige, white). It's always difficult to pull off a multi-color, multi-print, multi-texture look so keep it basic with basic colors. Nothing loud or you'll look like a clown.

Did I mention that my favorite part of this duster is that the sleeves are so long, they cover my hands? Yes, favorite part.

thrifted crochet duster | thrifted polka dot blouse | H&M striped skirt | H&M turquoise necklace | vintage necklaces & rings | Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots | Urban Outfitters scarf
Photography by Tyler Topacio

A great treat I received, is now a gift to you all! The lovely Michelle of FVNCY, drew little ol' me. I think she did a great job-what do you guys think? Check out the original!

And for a fun, very random piece of work, a lovely video for you to watch. I learned to rap.