Before I moved out of my old apartment, my old photographer friend, Tom Huynh, stopped by for some lunch and an impromptu photo shoot amongst the disaster moving situation. I shot with Tom almost 5 years ago in his studio and it was great to come together again to shoot. No fancy look necessary. I wish I could find those old photos because they are hilarious. I got the wacky idea to shoot in curlers, a striped tunic, leggings and do jumping shots. My facial expressions and curlers flying everywhere made that shoot, I tell ya.

I'm so glad to be out of that apartment but I'm missing the joys of being in my own place. New York seems to be pushed back farther than I'd like, so it's looking like I'll be moving wherever a job takes me. Yet, all I can think about is how I want to decorate my next apartment. Tumblr isn't helping my decor addiction. I find the most amazing sources of inspiration. Think sexy imagery with stark colors like black, white and texture.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots | H&M shorts | Urban Outfitters tee | random leopard hoodie (not shown) | Express leather jacket (not shown)
Photography by Tom Huynh Photography