So apparently I thought it was Profresh Style's birthday today but as I've been corrected, PS's birthday was on the 20th of October! My bad-geezus. Well, a big fat freaking birthday to my blog-we turned one! (Click here to see my first post on Profresh Style!)

I can't believe I've had this blog for a year-I've committed to one and it's definitely a good feeling to know I've made it here! I could rant on how much I've learned since starting but I thought I'd break it down, bullet-style.

  • Editing is Queen! Looking back at where I started, I posted every single picture, not caring about the certain things I care about now. It's 100% important to edit your content including your images. I try to narrow it down to posting three or four images per post. Ever so often, I'll post a collection but I'm trying hard to keep it down on the amount of images on the blog.
  • Watch your back! A majority of bloggers are female and as females tend to do, we talk and gossip and shit talk but the biggest thing for me is I've watched what I said. The last thing you want is for someone to speak on you saying you said something you never did say! Blogging, most times, is a friendly business but sometimes it can be a bit nasty.

  • Have fun! I remember a few times when blogging became a chore-I felt obligated to post. Now, I post because I enjoy it and I care about my content and what my readers want to read.
  • Go to events but edit them! I think it's important to get your blog out there and attend events you get invited to but edit your time. I learned that if particular events weren't going to benefit the blog or myself, there wouldn't be a point in attending since my readers will read it.

  • Believe in your blog! I can't tell you how many times I doubted what I was doing. I posted because I liked to write and liked to talk about my style but I didn't put in the efforts that I am now. It took me 10 months to realize this. Ya, 10 months.
  • Start a blog because you have something to say! I had about 3 different blogs before I settled on Profresh Style. Although it took me a year to find myself in this journey, it was worth the time because now I know my focus.

A huge, ginormous thank you to my readers. Since the move from Typepad to Wordpress, I lost about 2,500 of you BUT the ones that have found me again or are just joining me now, I want to say thank you. You all are the reason I blog. I actually have people reading my thoughts and opinions and are voicing their opinions back. I love it! You all have pushed me to be a better blogger and to dedicate to you all and that has made me a stronger blogger in itself.

I wish I had something to give away like I had planned but the sponsor fell through! I'm so sorry but I'll be making it up to you soon, I promise! I don't even know how to thank you enough but I'm trying to figure out how. You all deserve my gratitude and more! To the ones who've stuck around in the beginning (mostly friends and family, lol), thank you for being my backbone. Y0u've watched this blog grow up and mature and I can't thank you enough for keeping up with my journey!

More years to come, I hope!

Images via Vogue Italia