Lincoln Center was studded with many industry folks including some of our favorite editors, stylists, models & bloggers. Yes, I included bloggers as insiders because, guess what, we are! I hung out with Jess of Bits of Banter and her friend, Nando, before we all had to depart to head to shows. Nando really helped me out as far as gathering photos for this post for both AMEX/IFB and my blog.

We ran into so many people-it was great. Anyone you've ever wanted to meet in the industry, walked past you in a nanosecond and then some. Most were sweet and posed for pictures...most.

The above photo is of the lovely bloggers from all over:

Lucrecia of Fashion is Poison • Taghrid of Taghrid • Nadia of Frou Frouu • Aimee of Song of Style

The gorgeous and serious-faced Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld. She was quite the hilarious one when she strolled through the hall in Lincoln Center. She had this struck where she threw her back backwards and her arms kind of flared about. It was by far one of the most awkward walks I've seen. But really, come on, She's CARINE ROITFELD. You can't diss this queen.

Keisha Whitiker (isn't she about to be a porn star?! Or am I completely wrong on that) and Philip Bloch. Have you seen his site though? Seriously, so hilarious. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not.

The sexy yet EXTREMELY short Omarion. Really, this fool had to of been 5'3".

I swear, I know this hot mess of a man but I can not for the life of me remember his name. I digged his color concept but not so much the flooding yet baggy yet pressed khakis.

Not sure who he is but really, the beard? I couldn't get enough. It was quite the look and he pulled it off well.

The VP of Visual Merchandising for Bergdorf Goodman Linda Fargo. She rocked the kitten heel well but I doubt I'll ever be able to pull them off...again. Yes, I rocked them way back when in high school. God, it gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

I'm sure you all recognize this stylist and her husband. For all that don't (and shall be slapped in the face for such lack of exposure to American culture), they are Rachel Zoe & her husband Roger. She actually looked nice in person-I had doubts from seeing her photos and watching The Rachel Zoe Project. Her hair was perfectly coiffed and looked "normal".

For all my blogging buddies, I'm sure you all recognize these pairings. If not, and you aren't to blame, we have Colin & Rumi from Fashion Toast, the man in the 1990's ski sweater is recognizable-I just can't put my figure on it, and of course, BryanBoy. I believe they had just come out of the Rebecca Minkoff show because Rumi's hair looked exactly the same as in the show. The poor gal, she looked so exhausted. Geezus, give this girl a break in the Bahamas somewhere.

This adorable young thing is Keiko Lynn. Her blog is quite adorable and her style is even more. Before I met her, her and I were in contact for the IFB conference for help via email. I wasn't sure what she'd be like. You know how you put something in your mind of how something will act like, talk like, etc. before you meet them-well, that's what I was doing. She's very sweet and not shy which I thought would be the case. Her attitude and demeanor made me really want to be a true follower her blog.

These boys are Italian, no? I recognize their faces but unfortunately I couldn't find a thing on them on or anywhere else. Bummed because these two quite possibly could be among my favorites of NYFW.

This "lovely" woman is Vogue writer, Stephanie La Cava. Did you know she had a page? I'm quite sure she didn't create one herself but I do find it rather interesting. She's coming out with a book "soon"...hmph. We'll see. Everyone is a writer/blogger/stylist these days huh? Geezus.

haha. Don't mind the circle over the poor girl's face. I just thought since it's not about her, why show it? Anyhow, look at the lovely Fashion Director for Elle, Nina Garcia. Pregnant and glowing she was.

Please meet Nadia of Frou Frouu. This gorgeously tall woman is a blogger from overseas cultivating quite a look that drew people from all over taking photos at Lincoln Center. I met her at the IFB Conference and she was quite lovely as well as her brother Hassan.

Sexy she is, meet Aimee of Song of Style. This lovely lady worked this look. We both had the sheer look going on. (Spy me in the background? :) I couldn't find any photos of me wearing this look. Anyone have some I could post and credit you? )

My NYFW posts aren't done yet. A few left to go. I hope you all are enjoying the coverage!

Photo Credit: Nando Alvarez & Jessica Conatser