Meet my icon, Shelly Bromfield. The first time I heard of her was on Stylelikeu.com and watching her interview was sensational (see video below). Shelly was and is still a vibrant and amazing woman to be around. I was so nervous to approach her at the Harpers Bazaar Accessories Event at Lincoln Center...but I did it. I'm so happy I did-she was receptive and inviting. We talked for a few and she was adorable. She talked to me about this man she met the night before (pictured below, who's quite handsome I might add) and we talked about what I do. That got us going so we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses as well as snapping pictures on her iPhone and my camera (thx to Jennie for that!)

There are big plans in the making. I'll be sure to let you all know!

Why is she my icon you might ask? Well, her simplicity in clothing and her extravagance with her jewelry. Jewelry is my thing. If I could design my own line, I would. Not only does she know how to seamlessly pile on jewelry but her aesthetic is always the same which I can admire. She only wears black, leopard, muslin with tons and tons of jewelry. I could imagine listening to days and days of the stories on her jewelry.

What I wore that day:

H&M lace shorts | vintage blazer turned blouse | DIY leopard braided necklace | the usual vintage jewelry | my best Lex's bag | Pierre Hardy for Gap bow wedges

(I realize now I didn't take ANY outfit shots. So, I'm compiling shots people have sent me from taking photos for a huge blog post on what I wore)

We were in deep conversation and I must say that she is quite the hilarious woman. Seriously, I could listen to her forever.

Her gorgeous man candy of course.

Have you ever met your icon-the person that embodies who you'd like to be? Tell me your experience.