Lincoln Center Street Style-Day Three

New York is chalked full of stylish people from all over the globe. Shooting some street style for the AMEX & IFB blog as well has my own as really opened me up to asking people for their photo. I've come across so many people and I am truly fascinated by who and what they come from, how their style becomes personal, etc.

This guy above, Courtney, was great. He was wearing a Givenchy blazer that was to die for; quite classy and sophisticated. Mixing the blazer with the oxfords and TopShop bracelets sealed the deal. It created this look that wasn't uniform, it was all his own. Check out his blog at I love menswear blogs and his is quite a fantastic one. Adding him to my blogroll right away.

I love these girls. Both Amelia and Katherine had this slight edge to them without being over the top. Their aesthetic was clean and comfortable. I think what really drew me to these girls was the lightweight makeup, the soft and pull-backed hair and the minimalist wear that really sold me on their style. Katherine (R) works for Ralph Lauren and Amelia (L) works for Vogue Italia so no wonder these girls had such an ease to their personal style.

Karen from Where Did U Get That, is such a doll. We've been emailing back and forth via IFB and I must say, she is quite the sweetheart. Meeting bloggers is quite an expectation. You're never sure how they will act or if they will even be willing to speak with you. Karen, however, was probably one of the sweetest I've met yet. Truly down to earth with such a lively spirit. A photographer captured us jumping in the street yesterday, which I can't wait to show you all, and someone who is just down for whatever, whenever, is alright in my books.

This anon woman was amazing. She had such a light about her and her jewelry made me quite happy as I'm sure you could imagine. Most of her jewelry was Swarovski but she dressed it up like it was nothing, "just something I threw on". I loved her aura and couldn't get enough of it. You all know I'm such a jewelry whore so this woman, I was all over.

More street style to come! xx,