You Can't Spell FANTASY without N-A-S-T-Y

Riki Euro wool coat | AA lace shell | Zara high-waist trouser | MK t-strap heels | Betsey Johnson belt | H&M sunnies | H&M lucite bracelets | Betsey Johnson bling bow watch | random fabric belt (used as headpiece) | DIY'ed fabric necklace | vintage ring | BR chain ring | Lipstick Queen lipstick

Images by Jennine Jacob

I'm so very thankful to have Jennine able to take my photos for my LOD posts. Luckily for me, I'm able to show you guys my style still with high-quality images. It's about effing time.

Anyhow, can't you tell I'm so ready for fall to be here already? I'm breaking out the wool and everything. Don't mind the wrinkles...yes, unfortunately these gorgeous little trousers are a pain if you sit in them all day. They wrinkle up so quickly so just pretend you don't see those hideous lines. Seriously though, I'm in the bay area. It's not like we have extreme hot and cold-Thank God. I couldn't survive in a place like Iceland or HOT-lanta...haha. But it looks like I'll be heading into harsher climate-I'm going to New York City in one week. One freaking week and I can't wait. Not only will the IFB conference be so amazing but all the shows we're going to are going to be fantastic. I also can't wait to meet all these great bloggers coming in from all over the world. It's going to be intense! If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, you better hurry up!

P.S. Can you tell this is my favorite song currently? ;)

Stay tuned to all my social sites! I'll be updating constantly regarding Fashion Week and the IFB con as well as other shenanigans that will go on!

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xx, Christina