as someone once said, I'm like Amy Winehouse before the crack

silk vintage scarf (worn as a headwrap) | H&M sunnies | Zara lace shoulder blouse | H&M long skirt, DIY'ed to add fluff | vintage gemini brooch (back of skirt) | mega-old leather jacket | the usual vintage jewelry | H&M lucite chunky bracelets | Michael Kors t-stap heels | Betsey Johnson gold chain necklace (my ode' to the 80's, Jam Master Jay) random clutch

(images taken by Jennine Jacob)

I can't get enough of this skirt-seriously. I've worn it so many days in a row, altering it different ways. Maybe I'll show the many ways I've worn it in a later post. P.S. The next few LOD's are going to be me wearing this skirt, guaranteed. My hair has been in this bun and scarf-accessory for way long now. I swear, not only is it the easiest hairstyle ever but I really stops me from washing my hair so often. I'm training my hair to resist the grease. JT, blogger for SF Style, appointed my nickname based on my hair, hence the title. ;)

Apologies for my absence lately. So much has been going on-I literally can not keep up. I feel terrible for not posting enough on my blog. I'm hoping to dedicate more time to it now that I'm full-time roamer (my term for unemployed lol). If you haven't heard yet, IFB announced their Evolving Influence Conference for fashion week. I'm so excited to go, not only as an intern for IFB, but to be a part of such an awesome community. If you haven't heard yet, check it out here. You should definitely come-it's going to be epic.

In other news, I'll be in New York for fashion week and I couldn't be more excited. Not only is it my first time in this amazing city, but I'm going to witness some of the most fashionable people I've seen in my entire life. It's going to be a huge highlight. Who's going? Let's meet up!

I've been getting questions about my announcement to my store opening soon. Obviously, considering it's August 22nd, it hasn't happened, yet. Let's just say, responsibilities come before dreams. :)
I'm working on a few projects for the blog that I'm hoping you guys will like. Something a bit new and different as well as a few new videos. How are you guys liking the videos? Is that something you like more than a much of text? Let me know!
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Gahhh. Who's so excited for fashion week?! I am. I am. I am. If you're going to New York during FW, let me know in the comments!