in the nude sunlight

H&M Chambray denim blouse | H&M lace paper-bag shorts | Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges | homemade crochet bow by Panda

Did anyone notice I'm wearing none of my usual bracelets or rings? Yes, I left home in a frenetic mess therefore forgetting to put any of it on. I felt completely naked without them. That will teach me to have my head on right before I leave my house-which reminds me, I left my house this morning...locking myself out of my house. Why? Because I changed purses last minute, leaving my keys in the first purse. YAAAA.

Yesterday, I had my internship for IFB in the city and let me just say, it was a gorgeous day. There are multiple times in my life where I've wanted to live in other cities/countries and even though I've never been to these particular places, I just know that nothing compares to my home, the bay area.

I met up with Aimee from Song of Style & her BF Wes, at the park near the Metreon to take pictures. Aimee was sweet enough to meet with me so they could use their AMAZING cameras to take outfit shots. I'm so impressed with the way they came out. They both really know how to capture light and embody the environment.

(photo credit Aimee & Wes)