Behind The Seams; Marshalls & TJ Maxx Event

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Earlier this month, I was invited to an event hosted by Marshalls & TJ Maxx; Behind The Seams. At first, I was hesitate, not knowing what to expect. However, it turned out to be an informative event of which I'm glad I attended.

I've never been big on "off-price" shopping and not because of the merchandise. It was because I like shopping in beautiful environments: mood lighting, gorgeous layouts, beautifully dressed mannequins, great & helpful staff-basically what you'd find at boutiques. But my opinion of off-pricing has changed since this event.

I learned that the merchandise they get isn't from previous seasons. It's current merchandise left over from vendors all over the world; it was something like in the thousands of various vendors. It was exciting to know that I could be buying pieces that were currently in stores like Neimans, Bloomies or Nordies for more than 60% off. 

At the end of the event, hosted by Allison Deyette, a wardrobe stylist for various TV shows and magazines, we received gift bags. Among the things we received, was a $100 gift card. Of course, I spent mine then and there. What I got for $100 amazed me. Usually that would go to a pair of shoes, if that.

Here's the breakdown of what I purchased (and of course, I ended up, as usual, getting all black/greyish pieces):

Cynthia Rowley silk blouse: originally $40.00/ off-price $19.99

SamSara leather wallet: originally $55.00/ off-price $29.99

Olive Branch straw hat: originally $60.00/ off-price $29.99

(couldn't read label) clutch: originally $20.00/ off-price $12.99

I'm pretty sure that was all a steal. This event may not of made me a dedicated TJ Maxx shopper, but I'll think twice before passing it up to find something brand-name and inexpensive. 

Thanks Marshalls & TJ Maxx for the invite and everything!


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