i'm so glad you have a one-track mind like me

 Print exchange may 2010 014

BCBG shrunken blazer | Forever 21 floral blouse | Urban Outfitters leggings | Aldo black boots | the usual bracelets & rings | Betsey Johnson sunnies | Forever 21 necklaces

Print exchange may 2010 020

Print exchange may 2010 023

I'm not a planner nor a preparer when it comes to getting dressed. Planning outfits always lead to me changing it last minute anyway. I woke up this morning and like usual, laid in bed, imagining my closet and boom: this is what hit me.

My take on the mixing prints trend: The compromise for me is to not go overboard. I chose fairly simple prints with light colors. I felt that the floral complimented the tie-dye-esque print in the leggings. I kept it clean by complimenting the floral & black/grey print using black proportionates-incorporating the black blazer & black boots neutralizing the look. Also, it helped that the blouse was fairly sheer, keeping the look less heavy.

So, I've decided to stop complaining and just suck it up. I've taken taking pictures into my own hands. I'm using my side table to prop up my camera, use my self-timer and shoot it. I've gotta work with what I've got, right? If other bloggers could do it, nothing should stop me either. Please meet my "photographer's assistant". :)

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PS. Got a major question/poll: On my twitter, I've been getting really vocal about my thoughts on men & women-usually pertaining to relationships, "mating" and the like. Since my breakup, I've become such a stronger woman and I feel like women need to get there too.

Someone on twitter (thanks annabel!) suggested I add an advice column, per-say, on my site. I've always wanted to do that but never thought I had the experience to dish out advice. So here's my test: If I had an advice blog/column about relationships, sex, friendships, men in general, would you submit questions to me via email whether it be anon or not, for me to answer via the blog, either through a video (a la' Timothy DeLaGhetto) or text?

I'm completely open; no question is too bold. Promise. Leave me a comment or email me at christinatopacio@profreshstyle.com and let me know what you think. PLEASE! THANKS!