7x7 party heads


H&M puff sleeve tunic | old Halloween tutu | vintage Ralph Lauren belt | nude fishnets | Jeffrey Campbell bondage boots | LF feather earrings | the usual rings

7x7 is having a new event in the city called Happier Hour and to kick off this series, we were the 'guests of honor' so to speak. It was held at the Infusion Lounge in downtown San Francisco. The venue was amazing, the food & drinks were fantastic, and two amazingly stylish people won the contest judged by us to be featured in the magazine. :)

My outfit was thrown together in 5 minutes due to a very eventful morning full of running around to thrift & consignment shops trying to find the perfect dress, discovering that my credit card was stolen and they blocked me from using it, going to the bank to fix the dilemma, then finding out I couldn't get a card, and ending with me going home, running into my closet and pulled out this. It was easy-peasy I tell ya. I work so much better under pressure than I do when I've got many hours to put something together. I was obsessed with this look because I love tutus, tulle and anything fem that could add to my ultra dark and rock & roll tone that I always seem to acquire...even when it's Spring. Those shoes are pretty much obsessive except for the fact that I just got them, wore them out today, and the entire shoe came off the heel....needless to say, I'm a little upset. Brand new shoes people!

Not only was the event a success but I'm dying for the next one, hopefully next month. Cross your fingers SF because we definitely need a scene here. I had so much fun mingling with the stylish people of the bay area. Dancing and drinking with them topped the night off. 

IMG_0211 copy

look how gorgus Alexia looks. Jennie took some amazing photos of everyone that night.


she's basically thinking why she's even friends with me. :)


they discovered that they both owned the same rings. it was so adore.


i was calling Alexia to the dance floor. got to love that techno 70's & 80's rock, pop & roll.


images via Jennie from Going West