adding your personality

Accessories post 004
Accessories post 007
Accessories post 016 copy

rings on right hand: skull ring; Tibetian store on Haight | double-finger ring; True | branch ring; gift from Alexia | teeth ring; Stuf Accessories

rings on left hand; knuckle armor ring & curled bling ring; Stuf Accessories

necklaces are both old from Forever 21

Scarf is vintage from g-momma

belt is vintage Ralph Lauren

Please don't judge my child-like labeling. ;) Unfortunately, the type option on Photoshop wasn't working so I had to free-hand it. Obviously you see why I don't EVER free-hand anything. Hopefully you can read where I got each piece from. [all places are in San Francisco, besides the vintage scarf which was based down from my g-momma and the branch ring which came from one of my besties Alexia, when she went vintage-scouring.]

I think the biggest thing most people forget about is accessorizing. It can really make your outfit, adding the unique touch to showcase your sense of style. Whether you love wood accessories, bedazzled jewels or minimalist metals, it’s about finding your staple accessories then adding one to the more trendier, worn every once and a while pieces.  

First things first, find out what your lifestyle is. If you’re a trendy fashionista, then own it. If you’re more the conservative type, find the minimalist choices to best suit your wardrobe. Once you’ve found what works, grab yourself a stack of glossies and get an idea of what you’re looking for.  

When I look for accessories, I look for eye-grabbing details, unique metals and statement pieces. I also like anything that tells a story, right down to the smallest charm. I love finding vintage jewelry because they are so unique. Long are the days of Forever 21 accessory buying. It’s all about where can I find the most unique pieces.   For you, it might be a different story. You might really love trendy jewelry, so Forever 21 will do the trick because it’s an inexpensive way to stay up-to-date. Now, if you’re about high quality statement pieces, then the new store from Banana Republic, Edition. It’s a great place to buy because they specialize in high quality statement jewelry as well time pieces that have a sentimental value.  

The key is to find a look that’s practical for your lifestyle. Whether it’s a simple necklace with a charm or stacks upon stacks of bracelets, make it yours and OWN IT.