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one of my all-time favorite photos and it wasn't even edited. Jennie was taking a picture at the same exact time so  captured her flash. Just love it.

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(photos are a collective bunch from other bloggers including Aimee, Xtina & Jennie. The majority of them are mine)

I attended an amazing little birthday party celebrating Jennie's boyfriend, Shannon, Erin from CaliVintage & Liz from Late Afternoon's birthdays. It was a great celebration at the Owl Tree in San Francisco. We had to joy of entertaining one another on the 2nd level of this "dive bar" and it was a beautiful, rainy night in the city. I went with a darling friend of mine whom you've met before on this blog, Alexia. We enjoyed the company and had many a laugh or two in this bungalow of stylish bloggers.

I didn't get very good pictures of the outfit but I will do a re-do of that soon. My computer has been having serious issues. I can' believe that it's broken. I'm using Jennie's laptop, on loan, for now. THANK GOODESS FOR HER! Otherwise I wouldn't be in state of blogging now. Many posts coming soon, including a few giveaways so stay tuned and follow on BLOGLOVIN' to check me out.