rose garden

Christmas 2009 058
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Christmas 2009 053

this last pose was just a little too much, even for me. But it's the only one that shows the most detail of the dress. Sadly I've ripped it and I don't think it's repairable. I hope it could be but I really messed it up, bad. 

Anyway, I've been dying to take photos at the Rose Garden but unfortunately I don't have an amazing camera so it didn't capture the gorgeous view behind me. So sad too but it's beautiful, night or day.

This post is rather spur of the moment. I just got home from the city, went ice skating with my family for my madre's birthday. It was so much fun and I'm pretty sure that I've gone to the gym from that quick 30-40 min sesh around the rink. Seriously. My shins are killing me. So, I'll be posting that tomorrow, along with photos from the Betsey Johnson event. I actually wasn't thinking of attending considering I've counted BJ out of my life ever since she's failed me.  ;) But Katie, a friend of mine, who writes for a few publications was doing press with her so I wanted to meet up and talk to Katie for a bit. I'll post those all tomorrow loves. Until then, enjoy this outfit post as well as these "awesome" jumps.

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Christmas 2009 070

oh yes, everyone, please meet the BF, TMD. <3.

Christmas 2009 064

and last, but most certainly never least, our dessert that night. Cinnamon sugar swirl cookies with vanilla ice cream.

Ice skating 001