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Just kidding. I was shooting the other day and for whatever reason, I decided to "theme" my outfit post by choosing to "move out". If you've ever heard that song by Chrisette Michelle called Epiphany, then you'll understand this random theme. Since the BF moved in on Saturday, I thought it'd be hilariously appropriate to say that I was "moving out" (hence, the moving boxes and me taking along the mirror ;).

leather jacket; Express | baggy racerback; LF | laced bralette; Forever 21 | tights; Express | scarf worn as bracelet; I have no clue where I got this. VERY VERY OLD | TICK wedges; Jeffrey Campbell | cross; Forever 21 | bib necklace; Forever 21

I felt like Guns n' Roses that day, seriously. Or a little bit Aerosmith, with my bracelet being a scarf. It reminded me of old school rock with the tough shoes and rock-n-roll scarf.

Those wedges are pretty dope, actually. I got them last year at LF and it's a Jeffrey Campbell & LF make created with actual tacks into the wedge portion of the shoe. It's definitely what sold me.

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So far, living with the BF has been pretty killer. Although it's only been, hmm, a full two days, it's nice to come home to someone and eat dinner with someone. It's definitely a plus that he's a neat freak like I am so naturally, our apartment has stayed pretty clean. The massive SUIT collection this man has, however, is extensive and I think we need to narrow it down...yes, definitely narrow it down. :)

Til next time,