personal style

Profresh Style was born out of a need to express and fully dress. Nothing was more captivating to this soul than discovering a thrown-out vintage score or underpriced treasure at the local flea. What began as a mere vintage hound habit quickly turned into a overflowing closet full of treasures and gems that desperately needed to be shared with the world. Little did she know, a little blog was about to change it all.

While living in the everyday world, she would willingly and lovingly put on garment after beautiful garment without having an opportunity to share with the world. Playing dress-up was an everyday stylistic choice. Playing with personalities and decades were a focus much stronger than an trend happening that day. But without a world to share it will, what fun could that really be? Profresh Style was a way to enjoy the pleasures of getting dressed - from the simplest of tees to the most extravagant of furs. Starting the chapter of Profresh Style has ensured an outlet of escapism that she's willingly accepted as the only way to live. Standard, she's never been.

Thus, a journey of style exploration began.