02: HOME

Home just in time for New Years. Even though I'm not around all my girls and I surely don't have a dashing man to kiss at midnight, I'm very excited to be ending my year and beginning a new one, right in my new HOME. 

Los Angeles is a beautiful place and I don't give it enough credit as I'm constantly caught up non-important negatives. I'm obsessed with my apartment, love the company I keep and I finally feel like I'm living. New York was ROUGHCITY man. I couldn't enjoy all the city had to offer nor did I feel like I was making a home. I feel more at home in the past three months than I ever did living in New York City for over two years. I feel happy. content. lively. 

There's so much to explore here and I'm really, really excited to begin 2014 in a new place with a new story. 

Christina TopacioComment