At 26 years old, I'm exhausted. Overstimulated, exasperated, uninspired and feeling like I just can't shake it.  I think I've become  just an unsettled person and that's just bloody obnoxious. 

I've created about three different life to-do lists with mile long check-offs that I've yet to decide if these things are important or not. So much of me wants to crumple up all these ridiculous lists and give it a big ol' "who gives a shit." Alas, life should have some sort of order, I suppose. 

Year 26 is almost over and with x amount of things accomplished and far more x amount of things yet to do, I think it's time for me to get out there and get shit done with or without a list. 

Time to wake up old soul. 

Christina Topacio2 Comments