I crave being present with other dope women; there's this succinct feeling where I realize everyone in this room/space/area has the power to create something incredible. We are all capable of doing something that makes us happy and causes others, in turn, to be happy as well. We have the power to be the undeniable force we aspire to be, whether it's creating our own business or managing our lives, our homes and our bodies. How insane is that? That we're 100% capable of empowering our lives to exactly how we choose. 

I choose to create a life that I'm inspired by, a life that makes me want to get up and be in action. I choose to create JIG+SAW to inspire a community and encourage more collaboration, more community, more connection in person. JIG+SAW's core is to create a safe, communal cowork space where women can come and hustle their hearts out, make dope sh*t and utilize the resources provided by JIG+SAW. This will take time to create, come to fruition and grow. And in the meantime, we've created a workshop where incredible women in LA can come together and get their sh*t together, whether it's just a business idea on a post-it or you have a team of 10, the JIG+SAW workshop is giving you a sampling of what the future JIG+SAW will have. 

If you're in LA and you want to see what it's all about, I would love for you to come. It's coming up on 5/16, ticket sales end 5/10. There's so much to check out, the agenda is f*cking packed and there's so much knowledge being tossed around. There is definitely something for you there.

Check out the workshop here.

And thank you, as always, for sticking by this gal's journey. MUCHAS APPRECIATION over here. 

photo via Teen Vogue