If you can't tell, I'm in a very strange mood. I chose to shoot at the cemetery on a seemingly clear day-no spooks, no darkness, just a GORGEOUS day. I'm feeling dark but I'm definitely not acting like it. It's a very weird sensation but these images sure describe how I feel.

The headstone I'm sitting at is actually a pretty awesome discover by my brother and I. The headstone is where the Hogan family "lives"-who happens to be the name of my alma mater high school. It's pretty neat because they are actually tearing down the school after this school year and re-naming the middle school after my alma mater. At least my school won't be "non-existent" when googled.

This cemetery is one of the ugliest ones I've ever been to and one of the oldest. There's hardly any green grass anywhere and half the headstones have either cracked or fallen off their pillars, causing unlevel ground. It's the strangest how once the families have gone and past, that no one seems to come and take care of the grave sites. It's almost sad in a way that there's no one to plant new grass or new flowers or someone to come and have a chit chat with? Oh God, I'm way too emotional, can you tell?

I've been dying to wear my new vintage culottes out since I got them a few weeks back. They are my new favorite pant-the way they swish and sway and lay against my body. It feels so good. They really should be altered though-the fit should be higher on the waist (if you can't tell by the darts) but I'm lazy and don't want to see the alternation bill.

vintage culottes | American Apparel lace shell | Guess nude slingbacks | thrifted belt | H&M sunnies

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Photography by Tyler Topacio

I'll leave you with this funny little clip of a video I made before going out. I'm telling you, I've got to learn french. I'm a failure for sure. But can we please talk about the screen shot of the video first? Yes, this video shall make you giggle inside or out. Click here to subscribe forĀ  more YouTube videos!

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