Prison Stripes & Chambray Safety

Zazu & Violet's Hats brimmed turban | H&M chambray shirt | Emma & Sam baggy racerback | H&M striped skirt | Pierre Hardy for Gap wedges | the usual jewelry

I just got back from LA, happy and tan. The trip was a spontaneous, spur of the moment pleasure trip but I ended up working too. The weather was so beautiful and I got a much-needed tan from laying out at SaMo beach.

I came home to have my mother come visit me. It's always good when she comes because we are so similar in our thoughts so it's pretty much a laugh fest the entire time. She brought her camera so lucky for me, she was able to take some shots on our way back from lunch at the park near my house. My mama is a great photog, she captured exactly what I wanted to get from this park. The lighting & scenery is so beautiful in this park that my camera doesn't do it justice.

Ring breakdown: left hand facing photo// thumb-skull bodies found at indian market (not shown) | ring finger-skull head wrap around found at indian market | vintage Ganesha Indian adornment ring found at vintage store (finally found more info about my ring and I love it even more!!) | right hand facing photo// mixed metal chain ring found at BR | tribal etched ring found at indian market

As most of my oldie followers know, I'm pretty big on mixing and matching..really, never matching. I love putting pieces together that have no relevance together yet somehow seem to meld right. I believe the best way to achieve this thrown together look with mixing textures & prints, is to keep it simple in color palette. i don't like to add too much color when I mix because it becomes heavy.

My palette consisted of black & whites with neutrals (and yes, I consider denim a neutral base). I mixed my prints with the polka-dotted hat & striped skirt because the color palette remained consistent. The shoe created a neutral base even with the floral print fabric bow; it also pulled in the chambray blouse in color.


PS. Major major major news coming. OMG, I'm so excited.