The journey this blog has gone on. ..

I'm Christina, aka Profresh, aka blogger of a thousand lives. 
What you'll find here: 

Um. I'm kidding. 

What you'll really find it is a crazy amount of honesty. I've been known to say a little too much, a little too soon, a little too bluntly. I don't apologize for what's written here, what's photographed or my absence from time to time. Profresh Style was birthed from seeking an escape. My stories have meaning, filled with humor, truth and sarcasm. There will be days where I'll teach you how to wear a skirt 24 ways whereas others are filled with telling off the industry and its' rules and regulations. I love this blog and I love who reads it. 

Therefore, I hope to always entertain, motivate and inspire you. 

Christina's Story

Profresh Style was started by Christina Topacio in 2008. Originally hailing from the bay area, alifornia, she knew there was much more out there than just the city by the bay. She bounced around before relocating to New York City in Fall 2013 and lived there for two+ years. She's now residing in sunny Los Angeles to begin a new chapter. Her day job consists of buzz words like brand strategy and talent development. She lives with her Manchester terrier, Pippa Jace and all her Apple products. She loves Chipotle, Coffee Bean's crushed ice and Peet's iced lattes. She also loves a sweet email from you.